Thursday, October 31, 2013

the fireplace! Before and after.


The fireplace was one of those things I didn't know what to do with for like... 3 and a half years until late at night last week when I decided to just paint the damn thing white. and it worked! 

This is what we started with (cue the Jason//Halloween music). Yes, we actually said "wow, yeah, we'll buy that house".

We painted the walls right when we moved in.

BAM! Case of the late night paint crazies. This took 2 coats of white oil based (read: stinky) enamel paint. Open your windows when you do this. I didn't prime it (too lazy/impatient). Trevor had already painted the inside of the fireplace black, and we don't plan on actually using this fireplace, so it's just regular black paint)

New windows.

Child proofed.

I love how happy the space feels now that the fireplace is all white.
Just goes to show, sometimes all you need is a little motivation and a can of white paint!

and who doesn't love a good before and after? 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

#tbt DIY: Party Bead Chandelier

I thought we'd revisit some DIYs now that I'm a grown up and have a better camera.
The first project I decided to revisit comes with a WHOLE lot of change. The room has been repainted, and different art has been hung. What a difference a year makes!

(To see the original posts about my DIY Party Bead Chandelier, click here: Inspired by this back in 2011 and here: Fast forward to 2012, when I actually DID it.)


This is what the room looked liked last year. The color is Benjamin Moore's Bullseye. I loved that color, it's a fabulous unapologetic red with gorgeous coral and blue undertones, but it just wasn't right for the space. The room is smack dab in the center of our house and it was too much. It would be amazing in a cozy den or living room in the corner of a house with big, thick, blue drapes, and deep, down filled sofas.

Here's the room today! We (Trevor) painted the room Muslin by BM. The 3 prints down the wall I found in one of my great grandmother's albums and popped them into ikea frames. The flag is Trev's from college, and the chair I found at the thrift store, and was immediately drawn to it for some reason. Well, the reason is (I discovered later) that the fabric is Brunschwig and Fils 1980's Chintz. Big surprise. 

This was the chandelier before we took it down, but after I had taken all the crystals off. Scary.

Still scary on my floor.

Spray painted party beads from Jo-Ann fabrics.

The project took forever, but I'll never regret having done it.



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Secretary Styling

Lulu's birthday is fast approaching, which is forcing me to get my sh*t together. Crap that's everywhere be dammed! I will organize you! what's running though my head. Do you ever have those moments where you take something completely apart only to put it back together again? This happened last night...

My great grandmother's 18th century French secretary needed some love. As you can see, he's totes nakie.

Bibbity bobbity BO!

I love filling shelves. I go one by one, and try to find a balance between color and shape.
I kept the things I actually use the most at desk height.

The pink box is filled with note cards, as is the box below (I'm a hoarder). The lampshade is that cute little friend of the chinoiserie shade I got a while back: take a look, here. It was $5.  
I'm happy with out it turned out, and am even more excited that I now have a place to write. My cards are now safe from Lulu (who eats them. Is that weird?). Do you ever tear apart your shelves and then put them back together? I'd love to see some before and after pics!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dorothy Draper España Chest... for $40.

This is my all time high. My all time favorite post I'll ever write. My holy grail.

I'm not the only one with a rabid obsession over the Dorothy Draper España chest. It's one of the most lusted after pieces in the industry. They're rare, very expensive (they'll run you anywhere from $2800 to $5000 for one in mint condition), and iconic, to say the least.

Welp, I found one for 40 BUCKS over the weekend at the Chic & Simple Resale Shop in Berwyn.

It was originally $125, marked down to $75, and when I asked the gentleman if he could do any better, he said "yes, how's $40?" Was he kidding? Ok sir, I'll take it... I could barely breathe.

Here she is in the store. Blurry picture because my hand was SHAKING. Not kidding.
photo (8)

Here she is in the back of my car. 
photo (7)

Here she is at home.

We took some glamour shots. 
2013-10-20 21.36.18

2013-10-20 21.35.53

And just for fun, even though my appraiser friend said "yup, this is the real deal," a little comparison to the Dorothy Draper España chest on 1stdibs

I really can't think of much else to say, other than I can't stop looking at her, and can't believe she's in my house. Welcome home, love!

Friday, October 18, 2013

painted baskets

found at homegoods... now in my house.

as you can see below, right now they have LOTS of painted baskets. Anyone spy cute baby feet?
baskets at homegoods

I loved that these were painted on the inside as well. The curvy shape also got me. These were only $17 each. The black ones in the picture above were a bit more.
Isn't it amazing how quickly open containers fill up in your house?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

what i'm watching

Tyrion Lannister kills me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

new scalamandre color way

Aubusson Home is a wonderful source for incredible fabrics right in Wayne. Their prices are insanely good, and they just posted this on Facebook. I. Want. It. Now. Best part is? They're selling it at 40% off. Stop it!!

how amazing is the new colorway?? aaaaaaagh..

Want me to make you a pillow? You'll only need a yard ;) Click here to order and to see specs: Zebra in blue.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

all you need to paint stripes

An e-decor client asks, Hi! My husband and I are expecting our first baby. We were looking for an accent stripe wall idea and were wondering if you had any tips on which tape to use.. Or just anything you'd recommend we try. Thanks!!

SO. I made this fun lil thinger for ya. Stripes are really simple to do. If you have the tools. 


1. I like the bosch level laser because it goes both up AND down. Idiot proof. 

2. Frog tape is my fave. I find that the lines are much cleaner than regular painters tape. It just feels like a hearty tape that won't letcha down.

3. Natura becuase it's safe for da babies. Granted there's still a shit ton of chemicals in it, but unless you want to stain your walls with homemade dye from raspberries, this is your best bet. 

So many fun examples of stripes that I can't get enough of. All images via my PINTEREST (<< follow dat!)





Monday, October 14, 2013

Gene pool

One of my clients asked me to source fabric in order to cover her gorgeous french settee.

She had two requirements: that it be blue, and that it be inexpensive.
I put this little design board together based on a picture she sent me, hoping she would go for the leopard.

Gingin's Sofa
She DID. And now I'm convinced that swimming around my DNA chromosomes is a love of leopard gene (the "client" is my grandmother).

Leopard. Any color, any time. It's what's for dinner.

PS. She's using McMillen to reupholster... one of the most well respected, oldest interior design firms in NYC and I'm terrifed they will scoff at my suggestion of $21 a yard leopard. OR they will love it, think "how thrifty," and hire me. Either way.

Friday, October 11, 2013


I took a bit of a hiatus from the east coast, and went to visit my bestie on the west coast. Just so happens that she married into the Martin fam (think... THE Dean Martin, her hubby Alex is hysterical and an incredible actor... who's mother is Olivia Hussey, the original Juliet, who's little sister is in Underworld. I was in movie buff heaven.)
Anywhoo the family home in Palm Springs is beyond. Everything is 1950's/1960's original and it's just pure decorating porn.

The town itself is so old-Hollywood-untouched-amazing.

The Martin home. I stole this one from google. I forgot to take a picture of the outside (daydrinking).

Daydrinking under palm trees.  22

Check the waterfall coffee table (covered in ANIMAL HIDE). And the tribal sofa. And me daydrinking.

Dean Martin's bedroom. Weird, right? Silver feather wallpaper. Stop it. And the rest is just silver. STOP IT. It was like walking into a giant microwave. To boot - all the furniture was white, original bamboo with lucite pulls. So good!

Grapefruit trees (and Mr. Biggs) 

Mr. Biggs is in the running for Cutest Dog Ever. Didya know?


And that's all. So much decor to oogle, lucite, animal skins, and daydrinking (my FAVE). 

Ugh! Such a fun trip! But I'm glad to be back. Lots of fun projects going on around her, and lots of clients to keep happy ;)