Friday, December 30, 2011

Trevor just caught Otter running around the backyard with a rabbit skull in his mouth


in honor of this event, here are some very stylish homes that also have skulls in them






Thursday, December 29, 2011

So a couple things.

sorry about the lack of postage up here. You might care, you might not, but I think the fact that my last post was about cats riding roombas deserves some sort of apology.
Second, take a looksie at your www bar up top where you write things like "google" and "how do i steam an artichoke"..... DAS RIGHT it says BELLADWELLA.COM. I bought it.. a little merry christmas to myself.

now onto the things that matter. we are seriously definitely finally working on our living room.. and I think this might just be the first thing to happen.

how genius is this??
ikea bookcased

so you recognize these right

ikea baybay. two of em. stacked.

thso thsmart I cant even stand it.