Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ikea is rocking my world right now...

so I thought I'd share the items rocking it.

This is a new chair called the Trendig Armchair. How trendy of them. For $89 a pop this is a great way to spice up your kitchen or dining room.

This kid's picnic table is making me long for spring, and it's only $40. IKEA2

This is a children's bed called the Ovre, and it's just adorable (and only $139)

Ikea's added a new Fjalkinge (what?) to their shelf lineup for $230, and the DIY customization possibilities are endless (spray paint!)

This Madeline Weinreb knockoff (called the Stockholm Rug) is nothing new, but they've lowered the price by $100 (it's now only $199). So that's exciting.

Has anyone else been obsessing over these Ikea finds?

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