Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Campaign Dresser

It's been a long and painty road for these puppies, and they've finally found their home. finally. For a while they were black, then neon green (bought the wrong paint, oops). Just a suggestion: if a paint color is called Neon Lizard, its probably a bad idea. I won't even show you a picture it was that bad.

Anyway, I'm gonna cut to the chase on this post and not put up the during pictures. Cause they're dark and they suck.
So here's my step by step:
1. find something you like and if it's cheap
2. buy it
3. take it apart
4. paint it a color you love
5. put it back together when its DRY (I'm still working on this one)

when I found these they were $40 for the pair. Looked like they should have been in Tron.

as per the usheee, props to Vanessa de Vargas for this ispiration:




The tassels were made by ripping a part a big cheap tassel thing from Jo-ann fabrics, super-gluing the rope part back onto itself, and then super-gluing gold leather belt fabric around it. I still have glue on my fingers but I was like possessed ..... MUSt....... HAvVE...... TassELSSSSS

monkeys! And remember that Adler knockoff I knockedoff?? It's white now. Memories...DSC05257

Sunday, February 26, 2012

talking about caulk (DIY make your door pretty)

All of the doors in our house are old and that amazingly couldn't-get-any-cheaper 70's plywood. If I really wanted to I could put my fist through every single door in this house. They are basically hollow. If I was an angrier human I just might, because I can't stand looking at them.

To punch or to decorate.......... decorate. Obvi. Inspired by Jenny's yellow door.

Started with this:

Get your caulk on with Phenoseal. It's the bomb. Investing in a dip cap keeps your fingers anti-nasty. DSC05149 

I had some guy at home depot help me cut the moulding. DSC05142 

and I just measured/drew all over the door until it was relatively even. DSC05143 

caulk caulk caulk DSC05145 

caulk everywhere DSC05147 

if the corners don't match up perfectly, just push some caulk in it. DSC05154 

this is getting innapropriate. let's prime! DSC05155 

 ready to be painted obnoxious blue.

again... before...

after! Door color is Californa Breeze by Benjamin Moore

fun! took a couple hours. Don't know that I would do it all over again cause it was sort of messy with all the caulk everywhere. mwahaha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kate is centsational

this Kate is awesome. She found this at a thrift store, and re-did tha thang using spray paint and some elbow grease. 

the bamboo! the campaignness! be still my heart.

check out her blog here: Centsational Girl 



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dorothy Draper Dresser DIY

way back in August, I started to re-do the green campaign dresser that yall love (see post here: oooooooops)

I finished this back in August
but I couldn't post because 
a. I had to decorate the top so it wasn't blahh, 
b. I had to vacuum, 
c. I had to take pictures with a legitimate camera and that meant finding the charger.... which.. I found back in August.
So really the main roadblock here was my sheer ability to be unbelievably lazy.

Well here we are in February, and I'll give you a little history. The green campaign dressers were inspired by Vanessa De Vargas. She's a friggin genius. I loved that project, and version II is in the works right now.

I needed a lower dresser for the bedroom. Mainly because I have too many clothes, but also because my brain puts rooms together like puzzles that I can't explain in words, but the fact that the dresser I had was high and shouldn't have been high was making me wonk-eyed every time I walked in the bedroom. Not the most zen experience.

Enter fun new game called: let's copy baby furniture. (Uptown by Nurseryworks, inspired by Dorothy Draper)

Fact: Blue Ivy Carter sleeps in this: Vetro Crib by Nurseryworks

 I started with this hot mess:

cut out my template:

(hand-drawn... don't ask how. I will mail you a copy if you want)

measure, tape, measure, tape

trace trace trace

tape tape tape

I actually have a tip I can give you: makeup brushes from CVS are the SH*TS meow for painting small areas like this. And they're cheaper than the ones from Benjamin Moore.


done! So impatient I popped the hardware back on while it was still wet.

mission complete baby




Here's a before and after (How-to-put-moulding-on-a-crappy-door-and-paint-it-bright-blue-post coming soon)



Monday, February 6, 2012


we finally did it people


the expedit shelves took about 2 hours to build. Two big guys on the bottom, and the wee ones up top.

I have never been one to lay things out and organize before doing. I usually just do. But with this much crap and cacti in the mix it was necessary.

ta daaaaaaaaah.