Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Campaign Dresser

It's been a long and painty road for these puppies, and they've finally found their home. finally. For a while they were black, then neon green (bought the wrong paint, oops). Just a suggestion: if a paint color is called Neon Lizard, its probably a bad idea. I won't even show you a picture it was that bad.

Anyway, I'm gonna cut to the chase on this post and not put up the during pictures. Cause they're dark and they suck.
So here's my step by step:
1. find something you like and if it's cheap
2. buy it
3. take it apart
4. paint it a color you love
5. put it back together when its DRY (I'm still working on this one)

when I found these they were $40 for the pair. Looked like they should have been in Tron.

as per the usheee, props to Vanessa de Vargas for this ispiration:




The tassels were made by ripping a part a big cheap tassel thing from Jo-ann fabrics, super-gluing the rope part back onto itself, and then super-gluing gold leather belt fabric around it. I still have glue on my fingers but I was like possessed ..... MUSt....... HAvVE...... TassELSSSSS

monkeys! And remember that Adler knockoff I knockedoff?? It's white now. Memories...DSC05257