Wednesday, August 3, 2011


so I posted that picture of my living room and some of you readers got ticked and emailed me because you saw the green campaign dresser being repainted.

I'm beyond flattered and actually quite grateful that you actually care.. so here is a quick explanation:
Snapshot 2011-08-03 11-36-10

1. the original green campaign dresser I painted is perfect for our bedroom (6 drawers to hold my clothes, good shelf space on top where we can put a TV so I can watch Law&Order, Criminal Minds, and CSI Miami (don't you say a thing about Horatio))... I'm planning on painting it white with a "draper-esque" design that I'm copying from a crib design from (That isn't an actual dresser in the picture above, I just copied the bottom of their crib (which you can find HERE) 3 times and stacked it).

2. the original black nightstands suck as nightstands. They are huge clunkers, and I never primed them before I lacquered them (HUGE mistake), so you can literally run your finger over the top like you're looking for dust and you will peel the paint off. So they are getting painted green. But not the original "orbit green" from glidden, most likely Neon Green by Benjamin Moore, which isn't as scary as it sounds, but much closer to Vanessa de Vargas' original color.

So that's what's happening.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

our living room last night

looked like this

like Inception with a crappy architect.


"where are you Mol?????"