Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Brass Wall Sconces for $50 (2 of them!) and Nursery Update Pics

Projects around here have been slowing down as you can probably tell... I'm exhausted. There are exactly 28 days left to go until we meet out babygirl (assuming she's on time).

My days now look like this: sleep/pee/nap/work/pee/nap/work/pee/pee/pee/sleep. Very little room for doing anything else.

I had fallen in love with these brass sconces, and wanted to put two of them above our daybed in the nursery as two little cozy reading lamps. Aaand they cost $259 EACH. Not happening. My budget was more like 50 bucks. Thank god for ikea.......


so.... while trolling Ikea for bookshelves, I found this guy for $15.99 who I thought would be just perfect:


Only issue with him is that he needed to be flipped turned upside down and painted gold. I basically found the Fresh Prince of wall lamps. Har har har.

He also needed a new shade if I was going to flip him around, and luckily, Ikea had tons that would have worked. You can see the replacement shade below. Ekas Shade - $6.99. It looks similar but the round lamp  ring thing inside the shade is at the bottom, not the top. 

The original shade is on the left, and the new one is on the right. See how the Ekas' ring thinger is down low? That's what makes this one work - and what put the original one in the basura.

BAM. Flipped. The whole thing will cost you under $50. Spray paint included. 

After all that genius, I got my fresh princes prepped to spray paint by shoving the cords in poop bags and taping them off. A gold electrical wire running down your wall is not a good look.

Sprayed them down with the best gold spray paint ever. I did two coats. 

Popped them on the wall. Ikea made this part surprisingly easy. There's a wall plate that you attach directly to the wall, and then just slide your sconce on and screw it in.

Here he is all done up and ready to party
image (4)

AND... added bonus... here are some nursery update pics. Finally got a mattress on that daybed. The prints above the lamps are from when my husband was a baby. I love how cozy everything feels now with the sconces. 
BeFunky Crop on iPhone

Lights off cozyness
BeFunky Beautify on iPhone

Lights on and blurry. YOU try being 9 months preg and propping yourself up over the crib to snap a shot. 
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