Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Lampshade Piping with a marker

I got into a design rut in our living room. I think I was nervous that everything in there was going to be too much - too much pattern (old Clarence House covered chairs), too much color (blue leopard print rug?), and just overall that it would look too crazy.

So I used white. White curtains, white lampshades, white lamps, white tables. Ughs. Nothing tied the room together; it just fell flat.

Here's the problem: that is NOT me. I need color. When I walk into a room I want color and lots of it. I have a feeling that's why the room looked like this for so long (cue horror music): 
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I just couldn't stand to be in there because I didn't like what I saw. You really need to surround yourself with things that you love, and not what you think should be there. Everything will eventually fall into place.

I decided lamp shades were a good place to start.

Really, I was bored and it was late. So I got to coloring:
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Surprisingly, this actually worked. It didn't bleed through, I had enough marker juice to do both shades (which are from KMart - $15.99 each), and dare I say I think it looks kind of hot.

Seriously, how hot are my lampshades right now...
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  1. Love the shades, sweetie! Hey, let's you and me go for a manicure! Xox mom

  2. Those look terrific. I would never have had the nerve to apply a marker to my lamp shades - so kuddos to you for giving it a go and for it looking so great. I agree it is a nice pop of colour in your living room.

    I was just looking back at your nursery photos and I love what you did there.