Sunday, February 26, 2012

talking about caulk (DIY make your door pretty)

All of the doors in our house are old and that amazingly couldn't-get-any-cheaper 70's plywood. If I really wanted to I could put my fist through every single door in this house. They are basically hollow. If I was an angrier human I just might, because I can't stand looking at them.

To punch or to decorate.......... decorate. Obvi. Inspired by Jenny's yellow door.

Started with this:

Get your caulk on with Phenoseal. It's the bomb. Investing in a dip cap keeps your fingers anti-nasty. DSC05149 

I had some guy at home depot help me cut the moulding. DSC05142 

and I just measured/drew all over the door until it was relatively even. DSC05143 

caulk caulk caulk DSC05145 

caulk everywhere DSC05147 

if the corners don't match up perfectly, just push some caulk in it. DSC05154 

this is getting innapropriate. let's prime! DSC05155 

 ready to be painted obnoxious blue.

again... before...

after! Door color is Californa Breeze by Benjamin Moore

fun! took a couple hours. Don't know that I would do it all over again cause it was sort of messy with all the caulk everywhere. mwahaha

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