Friday, February 14, 2014

This week in insta:

Are you following along with @belladwella on insta? You should! It's fun I'm telling you.

Lulu mailed some valentines d22043fc92a011e396fc1239744ce7ef_8

I got some new headphones. And I might go back for the bigger ones because these aren't obnoxious enough. a5f213de942e11e385bd0e5ff6bec2c4_8

I found this amazing La Barge cartouche mirror at the thrift store for $60. 59e0e2428f6d11e3bba3127c7df452a8_8

And hung it here.

We went on a fam date and got ice cream. I gave Lulu 5 bites of my snickers with hot fudge and she was up til 11PM. 2146bc40905811e3b6d41206ece04c86_8

I got the sweetest, sweetest valentine from my munchkin. 4b28c652951211e3abad122838c3d34d_8

Happy Valentines day!!

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  1. I love that sun mirror! I just hung one in my living room over a console table. But I've been having trouble deciding what to put on the table. Thanks for the inspiration!