Tuesday, October 15, 2013

all you need to paint stripes

An e-decor client asks, Hi! My husband and I are expecting our first baby. We were looking for an accent stripe wall idea and were wondering if you had any tips on which tape to use.. Or just anything you'd recommend we try. Thanks!!

SO. I made this fun lil thinger for ya. Stripes are really simple to do. If you have the tools. 


1. I like the bosch level laser because it goes both up AND down. Idiot proof. 

2. Frog tape is my fave. I find that the lines are much cleaner than regular painters tape. It just feels like a hearty tape that won't letcha down.

3. Natura becuase it's safe for da babies. Granted there's still a shit ton of chemicals in it, but unless you want to stain your walls with homemade dye from raspberries, this is your best bet. 

So many fun examples of stripes that I can't get enough of. All images via my PINTEREST (<< follow dat!)





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