Friday, October 11, 2013


I took a bit of a hiatus from the east coast, and went to visit my bestie on the west coast. Just so happens that she married into the Martin fam (think... THE Dean Martin, her hubby Alex is hysterical and an incredible actor... who's mother is Olivia Hussey, the original Juliet, who's little sister is in Underworld. I was in movie buff heaven.)
Anywhoo the family home in Palm Springs is beyond. Everything is 1950's/1960's original and it's just pure decorating porn.

The town itself is so old-Hollywood-untouched-amazing.

The Martin home. I stole this one from google. I forgot to take a picture of the outside (daydrinking).

Daydrinking under palm trees.  22

Check the waterfall coffee table (covered in ANIMAL HIDE). And the tribal sofa. And me daydrinking.

Dean Martin's bedroom. Weird, right? Silver feather wallpaper. Stop it. And the rest is just silver. STOP IT. It was like walking into a giant microwave. To boot - all the furniture was white, original bamboo with lucite pulls. So good!

Grapefruit trees (and Mr. Biggs) 

Mr. Biggs is in the running for Cutest Dog Ever. Didya know?


And that's all. So much decor to oogle, lucite, animal skins, and daydrinking (my FAVE). 

Ugh! Such a fun trip! But I'm glad to be back. Lots of fun projects going on around her, and lots of clients to keep happy ;)

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