Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Secretary Styling

Lulu's birthday is fast approaching, which is forcing me to get my sh*t together. Crap that's everywhere be dammed! I will organize you! what's running though my head. Do you ever have those moments where you take something completely apart only to put it back together again? This happened last night...

My great grandmother's 18th century French secretary needed some love. As you can see, he's totes nakie.

Bibbity bobbity BO!

I love filling shelves. I go one by one, and try to find a balance between color and shape.
I kept the things I actually use the most at desk height.

The pink box is filled with note cards, as is the box below (I'm a hoarder). The lampshade is that cute little friend of the chinoiserie shade I got a while back: take a look, here. It was $5.  
I'm happy with out it turned out, and am even more excited that I now have a place to write. My cards are now safe from Lulu (who eats them. Is that weird?). Do you ever tear apart your shelves and then put them back together? I'd love to see some before and after pics!

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