Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New sponsor: Pedalogical

A big welcome to Belladwella's newest sponsor, Pedalogical! 


Justine Haemmerli is the lady behind Pedalogical. Before founding Pedalogical, she worked as a public school teacher, administrator, consultant, and teacher educator.

Justine's passion is helping clients to become "unstuck;" she works with folks who want to make changes in their lives, and get closer to what matters to them - whether they are changing jobs, creating a personal strategic plan, getting used to life with a new baby, or looking to start a new life chapter.

Justine helps clients to see that there are so many more options available to us than we are normally able to even notice; inspired by the folks she works with, Justine has explored her own myriad of options, and become a Reiki Practitioner, started a blog on civic engagement, become a non-profit board member, and started a real estate investment company. As she continues to coach, she is delighted and curious to see what transitions, new steps, and courageous & inventive projects await her clients.

Justine's message and passion align with the core values at Belladwella, and we welcome her with open arms! Please join me in supporting my sponsors, as they are the ones that support me.

What Pedalogical service is best for you? Find out here: get "unstuck" today!


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