Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buffalo check is back, baby.

I found this fabulous Thibaut fabric at the consignment store for only $22. It's circa 2001, and a classic. If anyone did toile justice in it's heyday, it was Thibaut.

I thought it would be perfect for our family room curtains. I even found this gorgeous trim on eBay.

Well, since that time I did an e-decor for a client and used Scalamandre pink buffalo check and CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. So I decided to play around with it in photoshop.

This is how the Thibaut toile will look. Eh. And excuse the mess.

But oh my god. Look at the check. I love this so hard it hurts. 

This puts me in a pickle, and I might need to rethink things in this room. Scalamandre is not not not in our budget for this room (in fact, this room has no budget because it's "done"... yeah right). If we even go here at all, I'm thinking about DIY-ing these... 

What do you guys think? Which ones do you like better?

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