Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY J. Crew zipper sweater

Raise your hand if you wanted any variation of this zipper sweater from J. Crew this fall.

I thought so. I wanted it too, but thought it best to make my own, because DIY.

I bought the 9 inch white zippers for jeans from JoAnn Fabrics. These will run you about $7 each unless you have the JoAnn app, which is amazing and literally gives you 40% off everything always. 

Then I found my victim at the J. Crew outlet for around $20. It was a million % off the original price, and an XL which was lucky. You know whats worse than a post-baby-tight-sweater? Not much.
sweater3 - Copy

Cut up the side right next to the seam. The cut should be about the same length as your zipper (a bit shorter). Then pin one side of the zipper to the front side of your sweater, then reverse it so you can sew. 

If you have trouble with reading that last direction, lets try this one. With your sweater right side out, put the zipper inside, fold your sweater into the zipper (also facing out - as in, the way it'll look when you're wearing it) and pin. 


I also took in the sleeves because I like to show off my muscles.
sweater4 - Copy

Then BAM! Bad mirror selfies!
sweater2 - Copy

And another one, from the side this time. I am super happs with how it turned out, and I will be rocking it this Christmas season, and bragging that it only cost me $28.40. Na na na na boo boo.
sweater1 - Copy

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