Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reupholster Me: Carmeon of Nubi Interiors

in the first installment of a segment we're calling "reupholster me," I asked my super talented friend and interior designer Carmeon of Nubi Interiors, the burning question.

"If you could be reupholstered in any fabric which would you chose?"

Her response? So thoughtful and right on.

"If I would be reupholstered in any fabric, that fabric would be a rich navy blue velvet. 

Here's why: Navy blue velvet looks amazing in any application, from sofas, chairs and benches to headboards, pillows, you name it! I haven't come across a navy blue velvet that I didn't completely fall in love with. 
First of all, navy blue is my all time favorite color. That will never change. Ever. As a designer and fashion addict, my personal style can not be pigeon holed into a specific genre; and neither can navy blue. It's considered traditional, but in recent years has made a modern resurgence. It's sophisticated, but plays so nicely with the eclectic. It's classic, but also just as trendy...and so am I.


Now the velvet...the velvet is just so lush and rich and soft and comfy. It just makes you feel good! You want to wrap up in it and have it be your best friend. I think I have that effect on people. I'm pretty friendly and every where I go, someone wants to rub me. Well, my hair. I'm, also, a very emotional person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. So, just like velvet, you can always tell when I've been rubbed the wrong way. Hehe ; )

So, what do you think? How would I look?"

GIRL, I think you'd look amazing!

Side note: I too lusted after a blue velvet sofa for ages and finally bought one. Best decision we ever made. 


Check out Carmeon's blog here: Cohesive Randomness. It's a daily read for moi.

Top two images via Carmeon's Pinterest. Give her a stalky stalk!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me, this was such a fun assignment! I'm totally in love with your I'm quite jealous!