Friday, January 10, 2014

some thangs

from the insta.

Lulu was surprised that a banana's peel tasted like death, when a banana's insides are so delicious.

I cleaned up Mudgie's gold flatware. 3 years of being put through the dishwasher started to take it's toll.

I went online shopping for matching mommy/daughter shoes.

I also paid a visit to TJ Maxx. They have lovely bone frames right now, and these will be perfect in my dresser makeover.

It was SIX DEGREES the day I took this picture. My entire instagram was people screen shotting their weather app. The larger jade plant is my sister's, which I'm taking care of while she's serving in the Peace Corps, Guyana. The smaller one is mine, and the orchid is dead. But I keep pretending.

I hope everyone had a lovely week.
On Monday we will talk about chalkboards and a new sponsor ;)
Have a great weekend!

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