Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mini Gallery Wall: and my Green Campaign Dresser Before and After!

I love a good gallery wall.

They've been all over the place lately (just check out Pinterest for some amazing inspiration) for good reason. They're a really fresh way to display lots of pictures in one space, and can even aid in de-cluttering frames and pictures from table tops.

Typically, the flow of a gallery wall depends on how the room is used. A hallway calls for a more linear design, where as an entry or stagnant space like a kitchen banquet can handle more up and down movement.

In a place like an entry way, however, having a gallery wall that's totally symmetrical can be pretty delicious. Using pairs of pictures, and one mirror I found while at the thrift shop last week, I conceptualized the wall on the floor first (good idea if you're impulsive with the hammer)...

I have a heavy love for symmetry, so have a hard time gallery-walling without a central focal point anyway. Plus, I think they're much easier to arrange when you pick "a middle", so to speak.
2014-01-13 01.23.26

Gallery walls don't always have to be big or have tons of variety. This one only has four pictures and two mirrors all in the same color family.
2014-01-13 01.23.42

Mini gallery walls can warm up a space and make it feel lived in. They also add interest to a wall, even if they're on the smaller side.
2014-01-13 01.24.06

Here is a FRIGHTENING before picture. Granted we had (sort of) just moved in.6625225685_7d99b8e134_z

Another before shot.

And the before and after fo real, fo real. This before is from the thrift store right after I talked the lady down to $35 for both. The after is how it looks today!
before and after green campaign dresser

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  1. LOVE IT! It looks so great!!!