Wednesday, January 15, 2014

India Elephanting a Faux Taxidermy Elephant

You may remember from my instagram that back in October I found a faux taxidermy Elephant at TJ Maxx.

Once home, I hit it with two coats of Rust-oleum white spray paint to get rid of the chalky texture, and theeeen it sat under Lulu's bed. For like, 3 months.

I REALLY wanted to snazz it up before hanging, but how? Spray paint it gold? Yarn bomb it? Glitter?

I was feeling like everyone and their mother had done those things. I felt so blah about it, and had total buyer's remorse...

UNTIL... I was digging through my old pinterest pins and found the now famously pinned Indian Elephant. I did a little research on him just for fun, and discovered that he is, in fact, a part of India's Elephant Festival. Who knew?
a273dc32d2a4fb807a638c5e4c0510c6.jpg w=645

Using the photos from India's Elephant Festival, I got to work (and got to order these amazing 80's glam sharpies).
2014-01-14 11.39.39

I did a simple free hand outline in light pink...
2014-01-14 11.47.21

...and filled in the outline. I didn't stick completely to the original image, and wrote Lulu's name on the bottom of the trunk.

Then I hung it up! I think it's cute, sort of in the corner of her room. 2014-01-14 22.06.41

Lulu loves it and makes the cutest elephant noise when she sees it. 2014-01-14 22.06.30

I think this is a fun alternative to the mainstream options. It's a little more ridiculous, but hey, that's my thing, right?
2014-01-14 22.07.23

Have you sharpied anything lately?

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  1. Love this idea. I just got a deer bust at Home Goods and it is currently black. I want to do something different with it and am still deciding what I will do before it gets hung up.