Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Under the Stairs Dog Bed

In our kitchen there is a large pantry under the stairs, which has seen everything from an overflow of pots and pans, to a wine fridge. It wasn't until I had one of those "Aha" Oprah moments that we decided to turn it into our doggy den (and get rid of the crate! Which we never locked, but they liked sleeping in there).
2014-01-20 00.48.24

The first step was to tear out the bottom shelf (which is already gone in the picture below), and add some paneling (we used scraps from our attic renovation).
2014-01-20 00.48.30

We had some leftover paint from the Bathroom Makeover (see that post here), and were able to use it all up. I'm happy we were able to use it all, because throwing away oil based paint is a betch. 

2014-01-20 22.06.39 

Moose and Otter are very happy in their new digs, and were happy to test out the new sleeping arrangements with a long AM nap.
2014-01-20 22.08.17

Not that they did anything to make them remotely tired enough to nap.  2014-01-20 22.08.25

Not the most dramatic before and after, but makes a huge difference for our doggies.
2014-01-20 00.48.24bedafter

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