Wednesday, October 10, 2012

entry way re-do

Thought I'd share this quick little re-do of our living room/entry way area. The living room is that one room in our house that consistently has about 20 in-progress-projects going on at once. The nester in me is forcing me to change that before the baby comes... in 6 weeks. Watch out.

My husband didn't like the picture that had been there, and I felt the white canvas curtains we hung earlier in the summer were just blahh. After moving some furniture around, re-doing the curtains, and hanging up the poppy print (below) I finally feel like the living room is almost a finished project. 

hot mess? Yes.
photo (6)

I have a lot of old prints and paintings that I buy from thrift stores stored up in our attic for things like this. If it's cheap enough, I'll buy it, even if I have no place to put it yet. We had a leftover frame from Ikea, so I decided to get a move on.

Here is the frame, and the print (that inspired the whole project):
photo (7)

...which I thought called for some gold spray paint... and gold spray paints are not all created equal. This is the best one I've found: (others can come off as weird/pinky/brassy/orangey)
I think it makes the space feel so cozy
photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

the hot mess before... and coming together after:

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  1. Looks so pretty, cozy and inviting sweetie! Another place to snuggle up w baby on a cold winter evening. Xox