Friday, September 28, 2012

how to put together stuff from ikea when you're pregnant

Step 1: Don't.

Step 2: If you must do it because you're impatient, step 1 is: take everything out of the box. Everything. There are 1000 moving parts when you're building something from ikea even if the thing only has 3 parts.

Step 3: and this is serious. That little drill from Ikea, appropriately named the "Fixa," aint half bad. It's the drill bits that suck. Do yourself a favor and get the drill... because it's only $24, but also invest in some manly serious drill bits.


This was my setup:

  1. water for chuggin. NOTHING is worse than drymouth.
  2. Tylenol. You can't take advil when you're preg, and ikea cardboard smells like weird graham cracker food and was giving me a headache. 
  3. Directions
  4. Fixa/manly bits combo
  5. all pieces laid out in a place where you know you wont step on them. It's much easier than digging through that bag they come in

photo (1)

we got two of these to flank the daybed:

and here they are built in the semi-disastrous mess of a nursery.. but you get the idea
photo (4)

Parenting tip: this bookcase has all the appropriate essentials for child rearing:
antique cloth animals from india, chewbacca, jawas, and c3po, the gopher from caddy shack, a stieff lion, a lilly pulitzer monkey, and Alice from alice in wonderland. At least we know she'll be well rounded.
photo (3)


  1. I LOVE the chandelier!! The whole room looks so cute!

    1. thanks alex!! can't wait for you to see it in person

  2. It looks so great!
    Where did you get the daybed! LOVE!

    1. thanks love! The daybed is from Ballard: