Sunday, August 12, 2012

just call me the hamper revamper

so this is the monkey fabric I was talking about. I found it at the thrift store still on the bolt for $30. There's almost 8 yards, so enough to put some on the top of a hamper, re-do the curtain panels in the armoire, and make curtains for each window with literally 4 inches to spare. it certainly fell into place nicely.
photo (2)

below is what I started with. Needed a new coat of paint and some repairs at the bottom. You could do this to any old hamper..
and if you have one laying around and you're bored enough, here's what you'll need:
1. screwdriver (to take off the lid)
2. gorilla glue - maybe
3. spray paint. I used Rustoleum white gloss
4. Fabric
5. staple gun

I glued the bottom with gorilla glue, then after taking off the lid, had my husband spray paint it white
photo (3)

After removing the lid, you'll want to cut the fabric with about 2 inches to spare. If it's a print, make sure you're looking at something interesting before you make the mistake of stapling with halves of monkeys on each side and nothing in the middle (been there botched that). Ironing the fabric before you put it on... also a good idea.
photo (5) el fin.

Now just re-attach it to the hamper base.
photo (6)

done, and you can barely tell the bottom has been fixed in this pic but swear it has been.
photo (7)

there's really not much to this project. It'll take you about an hour. Good luck in your hamper endeavors.


  1. Blog tip from mom: a manicure would add much to your otherwise great photos. Love that hamper and love the monkey fabric on the doors to the cabinet. Did you know Mudgie was a big fan of monkeys?
    Love and kisses!

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