Tuesday, August 14, 2012

$82 fireplace makeover? Um yeah

I read this forever ago when we first moved in to this house, during which I had one of those "light at the end of the tunnel" moments... of course we've lived here now for what, over 2 years? and we haven't touched our fireplace.

This is a great DIY on cheaply updating a horrible brick fireplace that rivals the horribleness of ours from The Lettered Cottage way back in 2009.

This is the reason we needed some inspiration at the time:

Which looks a lot like what Layla started with...Updating_A_Fireplace

she added a new mantle thing: Updating_A_Fireplace_2

added some paint:

then some pieces of wood with wood glue: Updating_A_Fireplace_7

more wood/wood glue: Updating_A_Fireplace_8

then she painted it white:

I seriously think this is one of the more amazing looking fireplace makeovers, not only cause it's cheap, but it's pretty, it's simple, and it took her an afternoon.

You can read the whole post here: My $82 Fireplace Makeover

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