Monday, January 2, 2012

ish is gettin done round here.

this is loooong. sowey.

I'd like to take you back to May 2010 when Trev and I bought this place. The entire house was covered in green carpet. Floor, walls, ceiling, roof... not really but that's what it felt like. 

LR 1

It wasn't even livable green carpet, it was more like crack den green carpet. Had to go.

LR 5

LR 3

This was not one of those "omigosh we just bought our very first home, ripped up all the carpet and there were gorgeous hardwood floors underneath omigoooosh we had no idea how crazy" stories. This was like oh, wow, more crack den decor. Cool.

So we bought some sick floors and played some sick air guitar.

LR 4

Now for the fun part!!

We finally have furniture. 90% of which came from my great-grandmother, who had fantastic taste.

LR 7

LR 8

LR 9

This is beyond a work in progress. However, these fun items will be added in the next few weeks:

A couple of these behind that pink sofa, which will be recovered in something else....

this bad boy

and one or two of these

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