Tuesday, January 3, 2012

apparently I wasn't the only one with this idea..

pinterest is a great place to figure out that like, 500 people had the same idea as you. Some of these ideas rock way harder than what I had originally pictured, so.. It's a great source for inspiration. if you aren't already on pinterest, you should join and pin pin pin. but you probably are. so nevermind. if you're not, ask me for an invite. I might give you one.

I am referring to the expedit bookshelves from ikea


Side by side and stacked
ikea bookcased

these might be 3 1/2 billies
ikea bookcased2

also billy

tradish. gotta love tangerine

from Elle Decor... maybe not ikea. but copyable


how do you have that many books?? Love that curvy top thing! also, I think this is from Little Green Notebook. which is an awesome blog.

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