Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Rugby Stripe Frame

If you're snowed in like me... you'll probably want to put rugby stripes on a frame. Right?

First, grab a frame you have lying around the house (I used this one from Ikea).

Then you'll need tape and a gold leaf pen or gold marker. 2014-02-03 01.20.30

Tape off your framy-frame.
2014-02-03 01.19.56

Then pull off your tape.
2014-02-03 01.21.11

And pop it on your chest.
2014-02-03 01.22.33

2014-02-03 01.22.47

2014-02-03 01.22.55

This is a fun, easy, snowy day DIY. Hope you likie!

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