Friday, January 3, 2014

some thangs...

from my instagram.

My husband and I went to a fahncy dinner in Palm Beach.

My little munchkin went for a walk with her Papa at my grandmother's house. fd1666aa70df11e3814a126964918fbd_8

Stalking my grandmother's living room. I'm pretty sure that's her in the painting. 5b86a89470c211e397980e9c793a57d2_8

When we got home, my Day Designer planner had arrived. I highly recommend this. (made by the talented Whitney English).

Our big 'ol door knocker arrived. I switched up the brass door handle situation (with the arrival of our new door) to polished nickel, so, of course, I needed a new knocker. 4e58afac742111e39c4c12032296cf75_8

I made out like a bandit at Home Goods (thanks for the gift card, mom). I'll be using these pretty items to re-do my dresser.
Hope everyone had a great week!

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