Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Attic Renovation Part 1: Walkthrough and Inspiration

Sheesh. Well, we're finally doing it. We've started to re-do the attic, which will serve as a master bedroom and en suite bathroom. Exciting! and kinda "Ahhh what are we doing" all at the same time.

When we started, we really had no idea what the potential was for the space. You had to duck to move around, there was a creepy beyond creepy closet space towards the back, and no room on either side. Did I mention there was 2 inch thick blue and yellow shag carpet? Cause there was. This was it when we moved in:

Once the walls and the ceiling were ripped out, it was amazing how much space we had. b897c1347ee211e3a7690e6f7c295c2b_8

We put in lights across the whole roof. I don't love overhead lighting, but in certain spaces it's necessary.

I've collected inspiration images over the years. Here are some of them (and all from my Pinterest)

Love this use of color. You REALLY have to commit if you're doing something like this. And hey! There's my light!

Heavenly bathroom.

Love the bookshelves along the wall.

Again with the bookshelves. And this carpet! The carpet here is fantastic.

These guys have so much light! Lucky ducks.

I love the use of the space under the stairs. We are going to build out our staircase so that it comes away from the kitchen and you enter from the living room, which makes more sense for a bedroom. This is so open and lovely.

I am so excited to keep you guys updated on the progress!

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