Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our holiday card... (and my favorite snail mail ever)

It's that time of year again! The time when you can't wait to check the mail because of all the cute holiday cards you'll be receiving. I just love it, and quite frankly I think there's nothing better.

This is the first year our little family has sent a card, so I wanted to share what we did.

We used TinyPrints for our cards. They were great to work with, fast, and the cards look great. They even printed our return address on the backs of the envelopes.
2013-12-10 23.03.19

Our square envelope requires two stamps (oops), and I got the idea to use different stamps from Jenny over at Little Green Notebook.
2013-12-10 23.03.12

Each card gets a wreath, cause I'm nice like that. And truth be told, I've used Pentel RSVP pens since high school, and I'm addicted. It's the only way to write, dahling.
2013-12-10 23.03.27

I'm a big fan of old school address books. I got this one years ago in Nantucket. It's by Chronicle Books, and you can find similar ones here.
2013-12-10 23.03.54

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