Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thrifted: $3 bedroom curtains (and how to hang them)

Do you ever feel like you ignore your bedroom? I know we do. We have some things in there that make absolutely no sense. Sometimes I look at it and think "this is where furniture goes to die." RIP. I get it though, no one sees your bedroom other than you and your spouse (if you're single and this applies to you either you have no shame or get to decorating!)

So when I stumbled on these cute curtains for $3, I knew they'd be perfect for our bedroom window. They reminded me of this Ralph Lauren fabric I loved when I first started decorating. It's almost that kind of coral pattern that's borderline not-okay unless you live at a beach-house, but the pattern is so tight that I think it's alright. I'm rapping now.

I have this rule when finding things at a thrift store: If it doesn't survive a bleaching and a sage burning (call me crazy, but I do it) it's too bad/so sad.

These curtains were troopers and came out of their double bleach bath white and pearly. 

The long piece across the top is supposed to act like a frilly valance, so I opted not to use it and will save it for a project down the road.

This is a fun trick I learned from my step-mom a long time ago... Always hang your curtains higher and wider than your window. It'll make it look much larger. (There's a good guide regarding this on Pinterest: find it here.)

I hung mine 5 inches from and above the window frame. Every window is different so I usually just eyeball it, but I'd say stick with even measurements. The curtain rod was $5 from KMart.

Here's what our sad little window looked like before:

And here's the after!

I really love how they turned out. I can't believe how much bigger the window looks! And can you believe that bed-spread and hydrangeas just came outa nowhere like that? So perfect for an after picture. curtainsbeforeafter

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