Sunday, March 4, 2012

velvet sofa on the brain

When we moved in, we bought an amazing sofa off of craigslist for $250. It's HUGE. It's an 8 foot by 8 1/2 foot L-couch. It was so beautiful. Brand new.

Looked something like this
PB Sofa

 enter..... the monsters (aka moose and otter). now it looks like this: jen mad at dogs We are far too in love with the couch to get another. We are also far too cheap. Instead, we're thinking about having it slip-covered in a cotton velvet. Velvet sofas look so cozy and are (apparently) relatively easy to clean and wear really well. If you're into wearing sofas out. Which we are.
I want it to be the kind of couch that you lay on and immediately fall asleep. Mainly cause it will be a funny scene when we have people over.. "Can I get you anything to dri..?" Zzzzzzzz. 

kelly bensimon couch
from here: Main Street Chic

5806204539_0874acba60_z from here: Robert Passal

elle decor velvet couch
from here: Elle Decor

A Colorful Home velvet couch
from here: Chicago Home

architectural digest velvet couch from here: Architectural Digest

karen barlow velvet couch
from here: Design Sponge: Karen Barlow

momoy velvet couch 
from here: Momoy

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