Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Starburst Mirror

(if you happen to have an old empty circular frame that happens to fit on top of an ugly mirror from home goods shaped like a Chinese throwing star of death)

Well I sure did.

It really bothered me that I could see where the 4 corners of the shelves met. Made my head go "fjdosapfjeajes"

I had a thought... that maybe this frame would be perfect if I could find a mirror to put inside it. Found this frame in a yard sale about 2 years ago and Trevor was all like "that's ridiculous" now i'm all like "HAH"


then literally the next day, I found this at HomeGoods. The law of attraction really works! Mainly at HomeGoods.
ugly from home goods

boom. perfect.
on top of the ugly from home goods

spray painted the bojangles out of it... first using frog tape (thanks mom!) and wax paper to cover the mirror
lazy way to paint

liquid nails sticks to glass, btw
too much liquid nails

push it real good
push push puh

this is interesting looking. no other way to keep it centered when you can't drill into the middle of nothingness. and shts off centered I get that "fjdosapfjeajes" thing to the head.


you know I can't resist a before and after....

before.. empty



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