Saturday, June 18, 2011

old chair, new chair

this is dedicated to my mom. she bought me this chair OVER A YEAR AGO and I still hadn't done anything with it.

until yesterday. 

I was bored.

the victim:

love the shape, love the blue velvet. however the canning is ripped off all along the back and the wood is butt ugly.


these are awesome, and you can get them here

I taped off the velvet and painted it cool mint by Benjamin Moore. We had a sample left over from our family room, so that was easy.

Love it, but the part where I ripped the canning off looked junky.
So we add some upholstery tacks like so,

then if you are super impatient like me, you can hammer on the nails AND bring your new chair inside while it's still wet. I have no idea how I didn't mess it up

new chair with snazzy homegoods pillow

new chair with snazzy honegoods pillow next to his new friendsnewfamily

annnnnd just one more time cause it's fun


  1. You are a genius!! Wonder whose genes the genius came from? (me? NOT!)
    i was wondering where you were going w this chair but I love love love the results! If I lean back, though, will my back slip into deep dark hole?

  2. thank you!! they ARE your genes. You can't fall through because the back of the chair hits you mid-back, although I was worried about that too. I need to finish the nail head trim along the bottom, but I can't wait for you to see it in person!